Single Professionals

Clarity for Women has a planning process tailored specifically to the needs of single professional women.

Here are some of the things we've observed over the years -- if they sound familiar to you, please take a moment to read about the tailored services we offer.

The obstacles...  Studies show that women face greater obstacles than men do in building their financial nest egg and securing their financial future. On average, women live longer, spend more time out of the work force to raise families and tend to earn less. Despite the initial strikes against them, however, women are overcoming these financial obstacles.  

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Some good news and some bad news... Women are starting new businesses at twice the rate of men and are earning more than ever before. Women are becoming more financially savvy about debt, taxes and investing, but they still fall short on retirement planning.

While these studies indicate that women are becoming more empowered financially, women are still significantly less likely than men to take investment risks. It's important for women to educate themselves about investing and to become more risk tolerant in order to adequately secure their financial futures. 

Food for thought... 

50% of working women do not have a pension
Women's pay averages only 76% of men's pay
90% of retired women are not eligible for pension benefits

What some women do

Put their money in the hands of a friend or relative because their work keeps them too busy to think about an investment strategy.

Try to run their career during the day and be a "Day Trader" at night, without any plan or goal in mind.

Make decisions about money and property (like selling a home or relocating for their career) without insight into the longer term financial impact.

Make decisions alone, without input on debt, taxes, retirement and other important considerations. 

Rely on their employer to provide a sound, properly funded retirement plan.