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Clarity for Women has a planning process tailored specifically to the needs of widows. 

Here are some of the things we've observed over the years -- if they sound familiar to you, please take a moment to read about the services we offer.

The first few days... The initial flurry of activity that follows the death of your partner often brings emotional support from family and friends. But the time comes when they return to their homes. And you are left to absorb and accept the fact that you are now "a widow".

Are you a "typical" widow? You've probably known some widows, but be assured that there is no such thing as a "typical" widow. Some have young families to raise. Others have older children in high school or college. Some have no children but are equally devastated when their lives are turned upside down. 

Were you the family's CFO? Some widows are also better positioned financially than others – they may have a secure income – and be well informed about their financial position. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Many widows – even affluent ones – were not the family's Chief Financial Officer. They may never have paid bills, dealt with life or health insurance – they may not even know where those very important papers are.

So what do you do after the friends all go home? Many widows are overwhelmed by emotional overload. Grief for a lost partner, coupled with fear for your future and, in some cases, the future of your children.

What some women do:

Do nothing about their financial situation because they simply do not know where to start. When a bill comes in, they don't even want to open the envelope. 

Rely on their children, friends and relatives to make financial decisions. 

Make decisions about money and property (like selling a home or moving away) based on emotional overload, without insight into the longer term financial and emotional impact. 

Want to do the "right" thing for their children - without considering the fact that they may best serve their children by doing the "right" thing for their mother. 

Make decisions in a vacuum, without awareness of potentially devastating tax consequences. 

If any of this sounds familiar, please contact us about how we may be of service. Clarity for Women is a comprehensive financial services firm for women in Tampa Bay.