Joanie Halfaker, CPA, CFP® has been helping suddenly single women with their financial planning needs since 2000!

Women experience the loss of their spouse through divorce or death and are often left with uncertainty about how to manage their financial situation with regards to their expenses, maximizing their income, managing their investments and reducing their debt.

Joanie Halfaker and Clarity for Women have been coming alongside our clients as a financial coach and investment manager for over 20 years to assist women in the achievement of financial confidence after experiencing such loss.

Our Values


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Provide clear, objective, relevant advice to women

Client Centered

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Help women build a clear roadmap to secure financial future

Learning Approach

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Teach women to achieve financial confidence

Our Services

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Single Professionals

Comprehensive financial planning for retirement depending solely on your earning strategies.

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Divorcing Women

Prepare various outcome scenarios-including equitable distribution of assets, alimony and child support calculations.

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Widowed Women

Consolidate and manage various retirement accounts and manage life insurance proceeds.